S C O T T  C A W O O D
M  E  T  A  L      A  R  T   I  S  T

Approach...... Resurrection, Revival and Reincarnation.  I believe that the Phoenix rising from the
ashes is born from the perfect union of yin and yang. My approach is wrapped tightly around the
concept of the continual and unyeilding transformation of everything. Specifically, the universal
truth that the only consistant thing in life....is change... and that we change and every thing
around us changes...infinitum.  I work in this context to provide myself a tangable vehicle to
fathom, explore, and celebrate the idea of continual metamorphosis.

Subjects...... My work is a reflection of how the world works, looks, and feels to me, of the
everyday discourse I see as visual celebrations and contradictions. Steel lingerie dipicting the
baroque and feminine nature of the architecture of New Orleans. Steel portraits of long past
bluesmen wrought from discarded heating oil tanks, the pitted flesh hammered deep with the
emotions they evoke. Elegant and alive organic forms born from pieces of hard edged industrial
detrious. Its difficult to explain but certain things strike a visual chord in my mind and I am
instinctually drawn to creating those things. As I look at my full body of work I see an ongoing
cultural conversation. Other than that I just follow my instincts. I really embrace the freedom of it.

Medium.....  I use steel, especially scrap steel as my medium because I feel it's quailities and
limitations best reflect outwardly what defines me inwardly.  Scrap steel has no equal in
expressing my obsession with the prevailing idea of transformation. I started using scrap steel
because it was cheap and everywhere. I understood that just under that thin layer of rust lay
steel longing to be rediscovered. As my artistic skill has matured over the years I have developed
various methods I can employ to keep scrap steel as an integral part of my sculptures. This
ongoing evolution is one of the aspects of using scrap steel that thrills me the most

Rise Up; 2013; 10ft. H; found auto parts, misc. found metal objects, medical prothesis, hand
shaped sections of derelict steel heating oil tanks; .25" mild steel rod. Forged and Welded. Burnt
oil finish sealed with polyurethane.Rise Up was commissioned for the lobby of the
Center For Joint Surgery and Sports Medicine, 13 Western
Maryland Pkwy, Hagerstown, MD. It is open and on view
to the public. Office hrs. M-F. Everyone is welcome.

Shoes & Lingerie (1998-ongoing):
My original series of sculptures depicting women's lingerie was inspired by the
architecture,culture and baroque personality of the City of New Orleans. The pieces in that series
are namedafter selected city streets including the nine Greek Muses of the Lower Garden District.
But I believe it was shoe designer Salvatore Ferragamo who claimed that women's shoes were
merely corsets for their feet.
My  first shoe sculptures proved him correct and were the natural evolution of my lingerie pieces
however, in the true sense of metamorphisis, they have recently taken on their own new identity
as Maneaters. "Just when you thought it was safe to back into the bar."

Sirens of TI Chopper (2006):
My collaboration with Metropolitan Choppers in building the Sirens Of TI Chopper for Treasure
Island Casino in LV, personifies the term; "Art Of The Motorcycle". Our challenge was to use the
raw energy inherent of the custom motorcycle and transform that into a beautiful Siren surging
up out of the ocean.  Again the "transformation" aspect of this project was paramount to its
success. It took six months to sculpt the piece in my studio out of mild steel and the process of
bringing her to life was nothing short of intoxicating for me.  The ' Siren Chopper' is on view to
the public at Treasure Island Casino in LV.

Spire (2004):
This sculpture was commissioned by the City Of Frederick MD to commemorate the 75th
Anniversary of the city's Baker Park. The concept for my public sculpture "Spire" was to directly
reflect the architectural landscape and  the diverse citizenry of the City of Frederick, MD.  I
achieved this by utilizing the icon of the spire,  making an immediate connection and reference to
the "Clustered Spires of Frederick" as depicted on the city's official seal. I assembled found metal
objects in such a way as to reflect directly to the growth and history of the community and
fashioned together in a spire-like form, they relate to each other in such a way as to denote
diverse segments working together in harmony. I feel the piece relates as well to the future as it
does the past and present. Perhaps its best quality is its ability to relate to and include citizens
from all walks of life.

Evolutionaries (1999):
The 'Revolution of Evolution'  installation consisted of three movements: "Survival Of The Fittest",
"Embracing Technology", and "Flight To The Ancient Future". Costumed actors, who changed
costumes with each movement, intermingled with my Metroglyph sculptures and audience
members who were wearing antennae given to them upon entrance and asked to evolve.  An
audience participation installation infused with pre-millennium tension.

Born in Baltimore, MD, 1954. Graduated  Middletown High School 1972. US Coast Guard
1975-1979. Cawood lives and works at his residence in historic Antietam MD. where he has been
a professional artist since 1992.  His log house, circa 1790, was built to house workers for the
nearby Antietam Iron Works (1758-1880) . Other than metal sculpting Cawood tends to his
prolific organic garden and writes short essays about his more subtle observations of life.
His work is included in public, corporate, and private collections nationwide. He has exhibited his
work at Chi', Brooklyn, New York; Galerie Francoise, Baltimore; Zenith Gallery, Washington DC;
Bettcher Gallery, Miami; House Of Lounge, New Orleans as well as countless local, regional and
national venues. His sculptures have been commissioned by: City of Frederick, MD;  Baltimore
Public Works Museum; Courtyard By Marriot: MTV's Real World New Orleans; and The
Contemporary American Theater Festival to name a few.
Upcoming Exhibitions:

*** Offcial Unveiling of Rise Up, Saturday Sept. 14, 2013;
4-7PM. Please come by and help us celebrate the
installation of Rise Up in its new home.  Everyone is
welcome. The Center For Joint Surgery and Sports
Medicine, 13 Western Maryland Pkwy, Hagerstown MD.

*** Radical Rides: The "Art" Of Motorcycles
Sept. 9 2011- Jan. 9, 2012
Mesa Contemporary Arts, Mesa Arts Center, Mesa AZ.
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