Life in all of its earthbound glory never ceases to present unending questions about nearly every interaction we experience during the course of living it. Even as many of these interactions become a common place occurrence by virtue of repetition, there lurks somewhere in the shadows a wrench quietly awaiting the perfect opportunity to launch itself into those well oiled gears of familiarity.

I believe we like to think of our lives as somewhat well planned affairs with interactions coordinated and calculated to accomplish whatever it is we feel we have been put here to do. We have both technique and technology to help us achieve those goals and by and large I think most of us get there or at least get close.

However it seems that during the mundane or everyday portion of these long marches when without meaning to, we get comfortable with our daily dance and become somewhat complacent in the repetition of it, those lurking hidden wrenches cast themselves out of the shadows and directly into the gears of our grand schemes.

I like to think of the daily drumbeat of life as the "Boogie". That is the 'rhythm' of all of those seemingly unending little actions we complete everyday to feed our visions. For most, those actions are charted by the needs of family and the ability to maintain it. In essence, they are the music that guides the dance of our daily lives.

And let the band play on as we are well prepared to move that ball forward with calculated dance steps that if you dutifully repeat everyday you will achieve what you set out to accomplish. Boogie children. Cha-Cha-Cha.

The 'Woogie' is that part you never see coming. The 'Woogie' is those pain-in-the-ass blindsiding wrenches that are impossible to foresee or prepare for. There exists no smart phone app to shield one from the Woogie of one's life. And in the big dance, it's the Woogie that steps directly on the toes of the Boogie no matter how skilled the dancers.

It's not really a bad thing (although it can be) but moreover, an unforeseen part of the balance of life. Now many of you may say,"Oh you mean like Yin & Yang."

No. That's not what I mean, the Yin & Yang understanding is contained within the 'Boogie".

The Woogie is something else again, straight out of left field. When life would toss him an unexpected 'Cuban left' (a left hand turn from the far right lane) a former acquaintance would muse....."well you have Yin & Yang....and then there's the other thing."

The Woogie is the 'other thing'.The Boogie is getting up everyday, eating breakfast, getting in your car and driving to work.

The Woogie occurs when you get up and eat breakfast like every other day, but on the most important day when you really need to be at work for some extremely important occurrence, your new car refuses to start.

The Boogie is a great deal on joining a new health club with all the up-to-date bells and whistles.

The Woogie is the doctor bills for the dislocated disc you suffered from enjoying it so much you over did it.

My point is that no matter how well you prepare or plan or persevere, somewhere along the line, straight out of the blue or like a brick in the night, uneven, unfair and unwittingly a big ol nasty green shit fly is certain to land in your cosmic soup.

So my friends take heed, listen to the Boogie Woogie of your life...and DANCE.

-Scott Cawood