Covid Brood 19-X
Digging Out
How wonderfully timely this summer's resurrection of the cicadas from their subterranean prisons into the sweetness of sunshine to celebrate life with a spirited chorus of song followed immediately by wild, rampant, fornication, then sudden death. All I can say is that after 17 years, hell, I'd be singing too!
I say timely because, and I'm speaking for myself here, I feel like I'm beginning to rise out of my own covid hole to take a look around for the sunshine for the first time in, OK not 17 yrs, but a solid 15 months.
It feels as though a forest fire roared through and burned everything to the ground overnight, except that it's been over a year. And while I feel like most of the blaze has subsided, I'm apprehensive about what remains of the scorched earth landscape what it will be able to support. I'm speaking mainly in terms of Art.
Really it's been the last 5yrs that our Art and Culture has been slowly bleeding to death. Five years and a hundred thousand cuts. This past year particularly has been brutal to near barbaric and I'm worried much of what has been lost may not find it's way back. I really hope that doesn't happen but I've been around long enough to know that there's a good chance it will. This happens every now and again, where forces beyond our control exact a very heavy price on our Culture. Art stands at the edge of the civilized world and in doing so is the first to bear the brunt of such occurrence. Be it recession, terrorist attack, economic collapse, hurricane or pandemic natural or not, it's always the Art world that shuts down first and for the longest. Believe me, I know.
Maybe it's me, but each time that it happens, we seem to lose a little bit of our culture. It gets diminished and never feels like it returns with equal verve or excitement. I wonder just how far we will go as a society in perceiving Art as "non-essential". It scares me because Art is easily expendable in our culture. As if there isn't enough room or enough time in the urgency and chaos of modern life to ponder such suchness. I've noticed the difference over the years, we seem to be devolving from the inspiration of imaginative Art to something resembling flat, straight line digital entertainment. And for me at least, that really sucks.
Very few folks really look at Art. I think preconceived notions of what is expected is what folks actually believe they see. More than ever I see cult personality or name-fame as a justification or rationalization of what is supposed to be actual art. That's because few folks actually decide for themselves, most arrive at an opinion based on hype, name, and/or what they've been told. Everything other than the actual art itself. I also think our pocket screen social media oriented culture artificially prioritizes personality over, well, just about everything else...
Scroll on.
You would be really surprised at what some folks actually say to me about my artwork. Often is the time I'm flabbergasted into silence. That comes from my feeling of the more you invest, the more you get back. If you're too lazy to look for yourself, then from me silence is all you'll get. And that's saying something because one of the things I always enjoy, is talking about my art, at least to those who make an honest effort to engage it.
Scroll on.
What can I say, none of this is new, it's an observation that grows more disconcerting as time passes. And being I was fortunate enough to survive this latest disaster, both literally and figuratively, I will do what I have always done, I will get up, dust off, then launch myself back into the chaos again with a song loud on my lips and a wild, red-eyed lust for Art in my heart.
Just like my sex crazed little friends.
I do hope that the end will not come any time soon. And once again it's time to bury the past and start over let All of Life begin again!
And while the constant buzzing may annoy some, what I'm choosing to hear are sweet proclamations that the wicked witch (Covid) is finally dead....ding-dong, ya'll, the wicked witch be dead!
I hope.
So hear me world and know... I AM READY TO FORNICATE!
Whoops...OK, so out of respect for my brothers over at the Lolipop Guild, let me restate that:

So hear me world and know... I'M READY FOR WILD UNFETTERED ART!